Thursday, June 28, 2007

Still playing

We are still playing softball. 7 days a week. It started as any other season, the boys play on Mon & Wed nights and Madison on Tues & Thurs. Yes, that sounds like only 4 nights a week, but we have entered the 'tournament' era of the season. This means that on a Saturday all the teams in the division play each other. This can go on for hours and then days. We just finished Dillon's league. His team started at 8:30am then 2:30pm Saturday, then 11:00 Sunday, and finally Monday at 5:30, 8:30, and the championship at 10:00pm. The bad news is we didn't leave the diamonds until 11:30pm but the good news is WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!

This whole scenario starts over this Saturday with Madison's league. Then again the weekend after that with Jared's league. Boooooyyyyy, will I be glad when the season is over (July 11). I swear my but has taken on the permanent flat shape of the wooden bleachers.

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