Monday, May 14, 2007

Another quick trip...

I feel like I have caught the 'travel' bug or something! Dillon, Madison & I just got back from a road trip to Texas (see previous post). We were gone from May 1 and returned on May 6. I thought we had a good time... I think Dillon & Madison are disappointed we didn't get to stay longer. We specifically went there to select materials & design features for our new house in Round Rock, Texas (also a previous post). We had fun picking out stuff & seeing the lot for ourselves. Plus we got to go to each of the schools (Madison in Middle School, Dillon on High School's 9th-grade-campus, and Jared to High School) and check things out.

This past Friday the Cole family jumped in the Suburban and went to Yankton, South Dakota for the weekend. It is a 5-hour trip to get there! We traveled across the Western 1/2 of Iowa and saw many fields under water; there's been lots of rain over there. We visited Scott's brother, Eddie, who lives in Yankton. He stays in a Federal Prison Camp and can have visitors every 3rd weekend. We don't get to see Eddie very often because it's a long trip and many people in Scott's family like to see him too; we try to take turns. It was so good to see him & are encouraged by his attitude. He will certainly become an advocate of drug prevention when he is released (hopefully in 18 months...?).
The traveling is not finished...
Scott & I will leave tomorrow to visit an investor in Peoria, Illinois and then we'll continue on to see a franchise possibility in Ottawa, Illinois. Whew... I need a few days at HOME!! In Waterloo, IOWA!!

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