Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Friday the 13th

I like to think of Friday the 13th as a novelty more than a superstition... until this year. We have had more than a DAY of bad luck, it's been a good week of bad luck now. I'm ready to wear a garlic necklace or walk backwards under a ladder or whatever it takes. Listen to the following:
1. Last Tuesday (the 10th) I took Scott to the airport to make a return flight to Austin, Tx. The day before we left I had my car washed at one of those expensive places that washes the car inside & outside (plus wax). It rained the entire way there & back. And Jared spilled half a strawberry milkshake on the floorboard in the back seat.
2. Wednesday night the boys moved all our furniture into the kitchen/dining room (see previous post) so we could have the carpets steam cleaned. I decided the couch was too close to the patio door so I gave it a little 'scooch' to move it over. I RIPPED THE BRAND NEW VINYL FLOORCOVERING. Granted it is only as big as a dime, but it is in a VERY obvious spot.
3. The new wooden blinds (from JCPenney) were installed last week, they look wonderful! They must taste wonderful too because Macey decided to gnaw on a corner of one of the lower slats. She must've gotten tired of the dozens of chew-toys laying around the floor.
4. Four hours after the carpets were steam cleaned an overwhelming pet urine odor filled the living room. I called to complain because I had paid $40 extra for deodorizer. I was told I should have ordered the 'special' enzyme treatment for the urine problem (which I didn't even know I had until after the carpet was cleaned!) and a return trip plus fees would have to be scheduled. Basically I paid $203 to have my living room smell like urine. Thanks Stanley.
5. Dillon & I decided to tackle the urine smell ourselves by dumping (by the bucketful) an over-the-counter pet odor treatment from the pet store. I dumped while Dillon squeegeed the liquid across & into the carpet. I thought this was a wonderful idea and it only cost $36. UNTIL the next morning when the carpet dried & the concentrated product left LARGE BROWN STAINS everywhere I splashed the liquid. Whoops. Major whoops.
6. My glasses have a tendency to come apart about every 5 weeks; my glasses decided Friday was time to visit LensCrafters again for a repair (out of warranty, otherwise I'd get a new pair). It only took about 8 minutes and I was back on the road. BUT immediately I noticed something different (you glasses-wearers will relate...). The technician must've put the glasses into a vice because there is a distinct scratch pattern on the left lens. Talk about distracting...
7. Saturday night we noticed a big puddle coming out from underneath the toilet. The guy who installed the vinyl must not have put the toilet back correctly! Oh no! What else could go wrong...
I wish Scott were here.
8. My printer actually ate a 2-page copy today. After 45 mintues on the phone with Canon I can now explain to you the internal workings of the imageClass MF8170c printer/fax machine. And I can tell you all about Jim the technician who lives in South Carolina and has 6 grandkids, a cocker spaniel, etc, etc.
9. While planting grass seed & raking the ground in the back yard (where the trampoline has killed the grass) I inadvertantly injured my thumb joint. My hand has swollen & I am having problems using it. Maybe sod is a good idea.
10. LAST but not least... The Grand Doosey of the Friday the 13th Legacy...
Tonight Scott & Jared stopped at a hotel in Kansas. After traveling 10+ hours they decided to go to the hot tub. Because Scott is not fully recovered from BACK SURGERY he used the hand rail for support getting into the tub; which was BROKEN and caused Scott to fall. Jared drove to the hospital which confirmed he has severely sprained his wrist and stretched & torn ligaments in his back... the same area of the surgery. I'm sure he has suffered a set-back with his recovery from surgery. The hotel has offered a free complimentary breakfast tomorrow & no charge for the room. We'll see what our attorney says tomorrow.
CAN IT GET ANY WORSE????? I don't want to know.


Jamie said...

Shelly, it certainly seems like everything is going wrong. But remember, GOD only gives you as much as you can handle. I hope Scott is doing well and can relax some when he returns so he can recover from his fall. We will be saying lots of prayers for you and the family.

Jill said...

So sorry to hear that things have been so stressful. Why do times like this always seem to come in bunches?! Maybe you are being "pruned" - (I'm reading Bruce Wilkinson's "Secrets of the Vine" right now!) I'm not superstitious either. How's Scott doing now? Keep us updated. Love ya. Hang in there.